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Control & Supervision

We have very robust system of control & supervision in our organization for supervising the activities at the various levels. Staff at Operational level are young and energetic people while Controlling level officers are retired bank officers with experience and knowledge of FI operations and bank guidelines.

   ♦  Top management upto the level of VP have a review Video Call every Monday, Wednesday & Friday with Field Supervisors and
       Operational Heads.

   ♦  Performance Budgets are assigned in a detailed review meeting in the first five days of the Month with the entire Work force in batches.

   ♦  Video Address system to discuss with the entire team of > 3400 BCA PAN India Once every Quarter in Batches of 500.

Ours is a techno savy company, having IT specialists & Most of our other Field Staff is also either IT degree holders or IT savvy. We use technology for Control & Confidence Building. Some of the indicative features are as under:

Dynamic Website

Dynamic Website for Micro level MIS and Monitoring of field’s performance updated daily with drill down upto individual BCA.

Field staff can log in to the Website and can measure performance of each BCA/Field supervisor/VP or Circle/Zone for any given dates through datasheets or graphs.

Tracker Pal

Real Time GPS Tracking device for Field staff location on Google Maps. Even attendance marking by field staff daily is through this device.


Capacity of upto 1000 participants for video calling with field staff.

We have our weekly/monthly meetings with field staff regularly through Webex.

We also use this platform periodically for addressing the BCAs also to communicate policies and for their general training and motivation.


The audit is basically aimed at ensuring that no unauthorized/irregular practices are adopted at BCA locations which may result in frauds and/or instances of round tripping and other transactions in violation of prescribed guidelines/procedures for BCA locations.

All BCA locations are being covered in stages ensuring that locations having higher volume of transactions are covered first and all other locations are got audited subsequently.

Auditor should ensure to get the maximum irregularities removed during the course of audit itself. Any procedures not being followed like maintenance of records etc. should be got started during the audit and it will be the responsibility of VP/FS to ensure that the compliance is continued after the audit.

Do’s and Don’ts are clearly spelt out to each Field Supervisor and also the BCA agents during the training programme.

It is expected that the time and resources spent on the audit exercise will preempt the occurrence of fraudulent/irregular conduct of business at the BCA locations and corrective action will be taken in time.