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Micro ATM

Micro ATMs are devices meant for drawing small amounts of money. The money can be withdrawn by providing a unique identification (UID) number linked to a person's bank account. Micro ATMs are basically small portable devices that can be carried along or can even be attached to laptops as it supports SIM cards and broadband services as well.

MicroATM or popularly called POT/POS device works in the same way as regular ATMs except for the fact that they are hand held devices (HHD).

Now different vendors provide the hardware for a POS. A well known name of such manufacturer is ingenico. The application is developed by the POS service provider to read the data from card which is either swiped or fed into the machine depending on the type of card. The POS then connects to the central server where server POS application is hosted, then they go to the ATM switch of the bank then to NPCI based on onus or offus (issuer/acquirer) transaction and then to the Core Banking Solution (CBS) of the bank.

Now a days POS allows various other features too. They have integrated fingerprint sensors which is used by banks for account opening purposes. They verify the customer identity from UIDAI based on aadhaar numbers.
Functions available includes:

1.    Account opening
2.    Atm card transaction
3.    eKYC
4.    Aadhaar enabled payments (AEPS)
5.    Cash withdrawal/deposit
6.    Funds trnsfer, mini statement,  balance enquiry, etc.
7.    Aadhaar seeding.
8.    Biometric capturing

Micro ATM
Installing ATMs in rural areas is unviable for banks due to the lower number of accounts, low volume of transactions, low value of transactions and high cost of setting up an ATM. Micro ATMs from 4Gid is a one stop solution for banks to bring ATM services to the unbanked rural areas in a secure manner.

The micro ATMs designed by us are cost effective, support vernacular language display & voice with inbuilt biometric authentication that helps the banks to achieve total financial inclusion in real terms. The Micro ATMs are Point of Sale (PoS) Devices that work with minimal power, connect to central banking servers through GPRS, thereby reducing the operational costs considerably. Our micro ATM solution enables the unbanked rural people to easily access micro banking services in a very effective manner.
The key features of 4Gid’s micro ATMs are:

•    Supports contact/contactless smart cards, biometric authentication, Thermal Printer and GPRS module for communication
•    Configurable Smart Card Management System including Card Personalization, Card Issuance, Key Management and Card

Life Cycle Management

•    Supports multiple banking products and third party financial products
•    Supports both offline and online transactions
•    Supports biometric enrollment and authentication functions
•    10 hours battery backup