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Bank has provided KIOSK Banking Solution (KBS) technology which is a web-based solution and facilitates real time on-line transactions at BC locations. The KIOSK Banking Solution is deployed at all BC outlets to be managed by CBC/BCA. The KIOSK Banking Solution is integrated with Bank’s CBS system through FI Gateway. The business Correspondents may also use Micro-ATMs, also known as Hand Held Device for providing better customer service.

Types of Banking Transactions

The following types of banking transactions are facilitated at the BC outlets directly for the partner Bank’s customers or for other banks’ customers through Aadhar Enabled Payment Services (AEPS)/Rupay Card*. Apart from this, other walk-in customers without a bank account are also entertained:

♦  Cash deposits upto Rs 25000 per customer per day
♦  Cash withdrawal upto Rs 10000 per customer per day
♦  Fund Transfer upto Rs 25000 per customer per day
♦  Remittance (IMPS/NEFT) upto Rs 25000 per customer per day

* AEPS facility for deposits in other than partner Bank is presently disabled by the Bank.

Transaction Processing System

♦ Customers who wish to receive or remit funds approaches the BCA and will submit the Bank passbook /Aadhaar card / RuPay card or
   orally can tell account number or Aadhaar number.
♦ The BCA will verify the identity of cardholder using the name & photograph on Aadhaar card/ Bank Pass book and name on RuPay Card. ♦ BCA may verify additional details of the customer if stipulated by the Bank.
♦ Customer is permitted to transact in online mode only, through the KBS terminal /Handheld device / Micro ATM
♦ Customer is authenticated by verifying the fresh fingerprint/ IRIS sample (obtained through scanner at that time of every transaction)
   with the master templates/fingerprint/ IRIS data stored at remote location (Bank Central Authentication Server or UIDAI, etc).
   Customer can also be authenticated through PIN for RuPay card transactions.
♦ Where ever the customer is having Aadhaar number, the live biometrics (Finger prints or IRIS) are to be captured through scanners and
   verified through the UIDAI.
♦ The requested transaction is put through only if the conditions stipulated by the bank are met.
♦ The successful cash transaction is concluded by payment of cash or receipt of cash by the Bank Mitra / BCA depending on whether the
   transaction is a Cash withdrawal or Cash deposit.