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Organisational Structure

There is a three-tier Management Structure to effectively manage the BC operations in the field.

(A) Field Structure


(i) Vice President at State Level

Every State is headed by a Vice-President who directs the Company operations in the State and coordinates with the Zonal/Regional headquarters of the banks and ensures that corporate priorities, Bank guidelines on policy issues are communicated to the field and suggestions are discussed at the senior level in the Bank to implement the financial inclusion objectives of the Govt/Banks.

(ii) Operational Head at District Level (OH)

Operational Head functions at the District level and oversees and monitors a group of around 5-7 Field Supervisors (FS). His functions mainly comprise of:

♦   Reviews the achievement of each FS on daily basis

♦   CC functions at Regional level and fully dedicated to one bank.

♦   Maintains liaison with Govt Deptts.

(iii) Field Supervisor at Block Level (FS)

Field Supervisor is the main source for every group of 25 to 30 BC agents.

♦   He ensures that BC outlets function strictly as per Bank’s approved model and the prescribed infrastructure is available.

♦   He coordinates with Bank’s Circle Office for solving any IT related problems faced by BC agents and properly guides his team of BC agents.

♦   FS monitors the daily operations of the BCAs and ensures that all BCAs remain active and undertake minimum daily transactions.

Corporate Office :

          Corporate Office is managed by a senior team of ex-bankers who have rich experience of handling banking operations in branches
          and administrative offices and are fully conversant with the RBI/Bank guidelines, procedures and priorities to guide the field staff.

          Text BoxThere is a young team of State-wise Coordinators in the Corporate Office to monitor the performance of BCAs
          and field supervisors and serve as a Helpdesk to the BCAs and customers under their respective command areas.


Field staff is young and energetic while
Controlling offices’ staff are seasoned
ex-bankers with a rich experience



Sannjay Rastogi


About: Sh Sanjay Rastogi is a successful practicing Chartered Accountant heading a renowned CA firm handling prestigious assignments auditing Banks, Govt Undertakings, Multinational Companies and other businesses. In addition to Financial Inclusion Sh. Rastogi's is managing Credit & Recovery portfolio assigned to the Company.


Mukul Rastogi


About: Sh. Mukul Rastogi 30 years experience of Practicing as Advocate since 1990 & now is actively associated with Financial Inclusion program of Government of India.


Mrs. Shashi Bala Rastogi


About: Mrs. Shashi Bala Rastogi is a business women and social activist having 40 years of vast experience and is now actively associated with the Financial Inclusion program of Government of India.