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e-Governance is the use of information and communication technology (ICT) to promote more efficient and cost-effective government, more convenient government services, greater public access to information, and more government accountability to citizens.

It goes beyond providing provision of online services and also, covers the use of IT for strategic planning and reaching government’s development goals. It is a way by which governments use the new technologies to provide people with more convenient and reliable access to government information and services, to improve the quality of the services and also, providing greater opportunities to participate in democratic institutions and processes. “E-Government provides with some tremendous opportunities to move forward in the 21st century with better quality, cost-effective, government services and a better relationship between citizens and their government.”

E-banking can be defined as the deployment of banking services and products over electronic and communication networks directly to customers. These electronic and communication networks include Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), direct dial-up connections, private and public networks, the Internet, televisions, mobile devices and telephones.

In a very simple form, it can mean the provision of information or services by a bank to its customers, via computers, television, telephone, or mobile phone. It is “An electronic connection between bank and customer in order to prepare, manage and control financial transactions.”

  ● Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT): The bank account holder can buy goods or services online and make a business deal using
     Electronic Fund Transfer service via internet.

  ●  Debit Card: Money can be withdrawn by an ATM machine with a personal identification number (PIN), 24 hours service.

  ● Utility Bills Payment: Monthly Utility Bills like electricity, water, telephone bills are now paid from bank account by internet banking service.

  ● Bank Account/Balance Statement: Now it is very convenient for customer to check their balance and also to get bank
     statement through internet banking services.

  ● Credit Card: Credit card is the facility to pay bill of our routine purchases without cash.

  ● Prepaid Smart: A prepaid smart card can be used for our daily purchasing like daily college expense, pay phone, or any bookstores etc.

  ● E-cheques: E-cheques are a legally binding promise to pay for online purchases.

Good governance is achieved when the processes and institutions work effectively together to promote and sustain the shared and equal interests of the group. E-governance refers to the use of technology, especially internet, in a manner which seeks to continuously transform the internal and external relationships of governments, the public sector and other governance stakeholders to promote transparency and efficiency in the delivery of government services and encourage citizen participation and expression in good governance.

In Banking parlance, e-governance means providing strategic services by using new technologies and making strategic planning for reaching its goals.